Episode 6: An Accident, A Longshot, and Accessible Design with Derek and LeAnne Lavender

On the podcast today we have Derek and LeAnne Lavender. As newlyweds, Derek and LeAnne’s first home was a 400 square foot garage which they renovated into a loft-style apartment. Life in their tiny house was flipped upside down in 2016 when Derek was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. As you can imagine, the recovery process has been quite the roller coaster, but their love for design and creating a homey space has never changed. LeAnne and Derek specifically designed their new home with accessibility in mind to fit their new world. Their home is absolutely stunning and in 2018 was featured in Dwell and touted as one of their top 9 accessible homes that champion inclusive design . Through all this, LeAnne has started to help other families create beautiful spaces with accessibility in mind.  In their free time, they enjoy playing fetch with their dog Barkus Adroolius and hosting game nights. We know you’ll love hearing from them, so be sure to listen to BOTH episodes with the Lavenders.

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