Episode 29: Design Basics Series – Furniture

This is the third episode in our Design Basics Series, and today we are talking about furniture! Like most people, we had a shoestring budget when we were just out of college and freshly married. We bought plenty of furniture that was function over form and super cheap, but we found that those things really aren’t built to last. As we’ve grown our business and worked with talented carpenters/woodworkers like Kyle Levy of Broken Compass Woodworking (remember episode 8?), our appreciation for the fine craftsmanship of quality furniture has really grown. There is a time and a place for places to invest in quality and places where you might not want to. It’s important to think of your furniture as an investment rather than just an expense. We hope that this episode helps you think through your own home and how you can best invest in pieces that will last.

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