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A couple of weeks ago we posted about our limewash brick fireplace project. It was a super simple project that made a huge impact on the feel of our family room. Today, I wanted to do a quick review of the Romabio Paints Limewash.


For our fireplace, we used the Romabio Paints Limewash in Avorio White. The color is very close to Simply White by Benjamin Moore, and it is just a very neutral white color. The single quart came up JUST shy of being able to finish the entire fireplace (approximately 55 sqft), but we wanted it to be thickly applied. If you?re looking for a more thin application where some of the brick peeks through, a single quart would go much further. The application was very simple, as you?ll read about below, and overall we are very pleased with this product.

We chose limewash instead of paint for a number of reasons. Firstly, the limewash adheres to the brick and becomes a part of the brick, as opposed to paint, which is just painted on top of the brick. The crushed limestone in the limewash actually becomes part of the brick?s structure, making it extremely durable. Secondly, the limewash gives a beautiful matte finish and feels very ?old-world.? We wanted a sort of ?old-world European? feel to the fireplace, and the limewash did the trick. Lastly, limewash is really easy to maintain and touch up. We simply keep a little on hand for the future if needed, and it just brushes right on. Very simple to upkeep and is a beautiful finish.

Romabio Limewash Colors

Price – 8 of 10

     We bought our limewash from Home Depot. They have a few different color options from Romabio Paints, including the Avorio White. At $32.50 a quart, this product is more expensive than paint, but is really a completely different product. Limewash is crushed up limestone and comes in a container as a very thick paste. You add water to thin it out and apply with a thick masonry brush (aka a really big paintbrush with thick bristles). Like I said above, to put a thick coat on our fireplace we needed just a bit more than a single quart. So at about $70, we?ve completely covered the fireplace and have enough on hand to touch up, as needed, pretty much forever. Not bad at all.

Ease of Application – 10 of 10

This product was SUPER easy to apply. You simply need to add water to thin it out (the ratio is on the limewash bucket) and apply with a thick bristled masonry brush. It took about 3 coats to get a thick/full later on the brick fireplace, and it takes about one week to completely cure. It?s dry to the touch very quickly, but you?ll want to let it sit at least a week before wiping it down with anything wet.

Durability – 9 of 10

  We?ve only completed this project a couple of weeks ago, but durability has been great. Many people use this limewash on the outside of their homes, so I think it?s safe to say that this product is EXTREMELY durable. I will say that I wiped down the fireplace a couple of days after we finished application and the limewash did easily wipe away, but that is simply because it hadn?t cured completely yet. In fact, some people want the ?wiped away? look, which is really easy to accomplish with this product.

Color – 10 of 10

With a large variety of colors available, Romabio Paints has really hit the nail on the head here. They have a great variety of neutral colors that can really fit any space. Again, we used the Avorio White for our space and we loved it. Our family room gets great natural light in the mornings, but from the afternoon to evening it isn?t quite as sunny. Yet, the Avorio White consistently looks great at all times of the day.


We are really happy with the way our limewashed brick fireplace turned out. We made a little video overview of the process that sums it up well! Check it out below:

photos: Home Depot

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