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Joel and Nathan Anderson

of Anderson Design Group

Quick Review

If you’ve followed us for long, you’ve probably seen us post about the travel posters we collect depicting places we’ve been. Just a few weeks ago, we wrote on the blog about how we find inspiration for our home in our travels. The vast majority of our travel prints come from a local Nashville business that we love – Anderson Design Group. They are a family business, local to Nashville, and have a team mentality. With over 1800 posters, calendars, books, postcards, and more, Anderson Design Group truly makes beautiful art, and we loved having a conversation with them about their business!


3:12 – Interview introduction

4:23 – An introduction to Joel and Nathan Anderson of Anderson Design Group.

for more info, be sure to check out their “About” page

07:42 – What first inspired you to start Anderson Design Group? How did it begin?

11:10 – How do you pick locations for your prints?

14:20 –  Do you have local artists contribute to the collection, or are all the designs done in-house? Or both?

16:48 – What are some cool ways you’ve seen people using Anderson Design Group products in the homes?

20:17 – How has the coronavirus shutdown of the past few months impacted your business?

24:28 – Do you have a favorite print or collection?

28:48 – Do you have any new designs or other projects in the works right now that you’re excited about and can share about?

  • Puzzles

  • National Parks board game

Links and Resources

Website: adgstore.com

Instagram: @adgnashville

Facebook: Anderson Design Group

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