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Design Basics Series – Q&A

Quick Review

A few weeks ago, we recorded a LIVE Q&A episode on Facebook and Instagram Live, answering YOUR questions about design basics. You can check out the video on our Facebook Page, or listen to the audio-only version on the podcast!


03:59 – Where do we suggest rug shopping?

7:19 – Do you do any larger renovations when you work with clients?

  • We do a wide range of interior design projects, from simple furnishings to full-scale renovations

  • The dream team for a renovation is an interior designer, an architect, and a general contractor

  • General contractors like to implement plans, architects and/or interior designers make the plans

11:00 – How would you decorate these walls? (Questioner sent pictures)

  • Check out our episode on Art

  • Check out digital art prints from Our Store

  • Focus on doing a little something different with each wall

14:03 – How do you mix different shades of wood, and are there rules for mixing tones?

  • Typically, you want to keep no more than 2 tones of stained wood in a space

16:38 – We are about to replace our roof and don’t like the current color. How do we take the same principles you talked about in the Paint Colors Episode and apply that to our roof/brick situation?

  • Check the color wheel

  • Check with your roofing company for example photos

21:11 – How do you incorporate collectibles into your decor and still keep the look of your home current/fresh?

  • Don’t group your collectibles all together

  • Mix and match collectibles with other decor items

24:57 – How do you love where you live without any closets?

  • Check out our Small Space Living Episode

  • Find things that fit well into your space but also function really well in storage capacity

27:55 – What backsplash and wall paint colors should I choose (accompanied by pictures)?

  • If you have a tuxedo kitchen, you don’t need your backsplash or wall to be the focal point. Go simple 

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