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Design Basics Series – Art

Quick Review

This is the final installment of our Design Basics Series, and it’s one of our favorite topics – ART! We love art and have collected some vintage art over the years that we absolutely love. Chandler says it in the episode, but art really is one of the easiest ways to express who you are and who your family is in your home. And in conjunction with this episode, we have some exciting news – we are launching an online store! We hope to add products over time, but we are starting with, you guessed it, art! Specifically, digital art prints. We are offering six beautiful vintage digital art prints to begin with that we are so excited about. Be sure to check them out at The Peach and Pine Collection.


1:58 – Dad joke of the week

2:57 – Introducing Art

“Art is one of the easiest ways to express who you are and who your family is in your home”

3:20 – The number 1 rule for picking art – pick art that makes you happy

4:47 – Types of art we like to use:  Vintage Paintings

7:00 – Travel photos

7:25 – Modern / Abstract Art 

8:06 – Family Photos

9:03 – Typography

9:42 – Photography

13:42 – How close to hang things together. 4-6” from the bottom of the piece of furniture

15:23 – If you’re trying to find a really large piece of art to hang above furniture, typically you want the art to be at least 2/3rds the width of the furniture piece. 

17:50 – If you’re hanging art that isn’t connected to a piece of furniture, you want the art centered around eye level (specifically  57” – 60” off the floor)

19:23 – Try not to have the top of any art piece above the window or door trim in the room.

22:35 – Where to find art

25:24 – Online Digital Art Prints. These are hi-res digital files of original art that you can print from your home (at a local print shop, FedEx, etc.) in various sizes to be the perfect fit for your space. 

27:32 – Introducing the Peach and Pine Collection

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