Design Basics Series – Accessories

Quick Review

Today we’re talking about something that most anyone who is into interior design loves to talk about – accessories! Accessories are a big part of what makes YOUR home feel like YOUR style. Whether that’s books, containers, art, greenery, or fun decorative objects, accessories make a huge statement in your home. As usual, Chandler shares a few of her “rules of thumb” about accessories on this week’s episode.


01:45 – Dad Joke of the Week

03:06 – Introducing Accessories – “decorative or functional items that add the finishing touches to a chosen home’s style.”

 5 categories of accessories we always keep around for styling a home. 

05:39 – Books – take the book jackets off and you’ll find that many books are BEAUTIFUL to display as an accessory. 

08:04 – Containers – vases, boxes, jugs, etc.

10:47 – Art 

One of my favorite uses of art – having a small art piece that leans up against the all on the shelf. It doesn’t have to be framed, just lean it up to take up some height and give visual interest. 

12:02 – Greenery and Botanicals

Check out our favorite faux plants that look real

13:33 – Fun Decorative Objects

20:12 – Shelf Styling Freebie

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