Interior Design Trends 2020

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In October we attended High Point Market, which is “the largest furnishing industry trade show in the world” (see website). While we were there, we noticed certain trends emerging throughout the various showrooms. Because a number of the same things kept popping up around Market, we thought we would make a list of a few of the interior design trends we think are on the rise for 2020.

Interior Design Trends 2020

(1) Bold Printed Fabrics and Wall Coverings

The first of our interior design trends of 2020 is boldly printed fabrics and wall coverings. As wallpaper has already been coming back into style over the past several years, so too are bold prints…but not just on walls. High-quality fabrics are showcasing bold patterns in everyday furnishings. We found florals, animal prints, plaids, and even landscape patterns all throughout the showrooms. Notice the detail on some of the pictures below – it’s really impressive!



(2) Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs were EVERYWHERE at Market. Usually, when I think of swivel chairs, I think either a dinky office chair or a really large, plush sitting chair. The swivel chairs here were not these at all. These chairs were beautifully made, high-quality, everyday chairs (dining sized or accent sized) that swivel. As popular as the open-concept home is right now, swivel chairs are a perfect fit as you’re looking to implement an interior design trend of 2020 into your home.



(3) Moody, Muted Colors

This is one of my personal favorite interior design trends 2020. We see a lot of people moving away from a completely neutral aesthetic towards adding in pops of what we are calling “moody, muted colors.” Colors like Sage Green, Light Pink, a Soft Blue are examples. They aren’t bold but serve as a simple way to bring in color to a design. Neutral is classic and hard to go wrong with, but these pops of color give neutral designs a little more life.

Sage Green Office

Sage Green Office


(4) Upholstered Arms and Legs

One of the more interesting interior design trends 2020 we found was upholstered arms and legs on furniture. You really have to see pictures to understand what we are talking about, but instead of furniture pieces having wood arms and legs as is traditional, many manufacturers have begun to cover these furniture appendages completely with high-quality fabrics. This is certainly one of the more interesting trends we found, but a lot of manufacturers are doing it really well!


(5) Mixed Metals

This is something that we’ve been preaching for a while now, but you CAN mix metals in a room. Even beyond that, Market showed us that you can mix metals within single pieces as well. We saw this a lot in the lighting showrooms we went to – lots of mixing metals in chandeliers, sconces, etc. We love this trend and things its here to stay! Another related interior design trend we saw is that antique brass is here to stay. Lot’s of people have been asking us recently if this is going out of style – it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.



(6) Acrylic

I’m sure you’re familiar with acrylic – people have been making coffee tables and even chairs out of acrylic for a while now. We even reviewed our acrylic coffee table a few months ago on the blog. We noticed this material popping up in some different places – arms and legs of furniture, bar stools, and even dining chairs. We think this goes along with the upholstered arms and legs a little bit – furniture manufacturers are getting bolder in their materials.



(7) Performance Fabrics

There are a number of companies making performance fabrics, and we think this is one of the interior design trends 2020 that’s here to stay. Performance fabrics are fabrics that have technology built into the fabrics that repel stain. We went to a demonstration where they poured red wine and coffee on a performance fabric, and it simply beaded up and dabbed right away. For anyone with children or pets, performance fabrics are a GREAT option to look into for your sofas, chairs, etc. They are high quality and come in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. Ask your local interior designers for help if interested 🙂


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