It’s Christmas week. How can that be true? Every year, this season passes more quickly. I love the Christmas season. This year, I have really felt an internal, quiet peace and enjoyed such simple moments with God, friends, and family.
Our first year of marriage, we did Christmas cards. Last year, we skipped it. This year, I brought it back. Jeremy took some convincing, but he was willing to put on the outfit I picked and come out to the front porch for some quick photos.

We just set up our tripod outside the front of our house and I staged the little porch we have with some of our decorations from inside. Also, I only know how to use the timer on the camera in continuous mode, so it took about 10 photos at a time. But we got a few keepers.

Then, I designed the cards myself on Photoshop and printed them via Vistaprint.

Here is what we came up with…

 photo MerryChristmasHighRes_2_edited-1_zpsfca55c4a.jpg photo merrychristmasback3_edited-1_zpsb83c7b80.jpg photo IMG_8561_zps6896a251.jpg photo IMG_8476_zps0be74171.jpg photo IMG_8567_zps8bb597c0.jpg photo IMG_8577_zpse5f7fa79.jpg

Here are a few fun extra photos and outtakes from the shoot. I’m really happy with the way it all turned out!
We even brought Jack and Mittens outside for a rare outdoors experience. Jack thinks being outside is the greatest thing and he puts on his best behavior. Mittens is terrified and would rather be inside.

So, here is a virtual Merry Christmas if you didn’t receive a card in the mail from us this year. Next year, I’m definitely ordering more (don’t tell Jeremy that I mentioned doing this again…photo shoots are not so much his thing. :-))

Love this season,

Chandler & Jeremy